About Us

The Buffalo Cartridge Company is a privately owned American company dedicated to manufacturing and sales of new and remanufactured ammunition. Our product line fits a broad spectrum of shooters including target, hunting, cowboy action, match grade, and self defense. We offer wholesale and retail sales channels, and we also offer a broad range of services to the industry. The Buffalo Cartridge Company is your preferred source for custom loads, brass processing, ballistics testing, wholesale loading components, reloading equipment, contract loading, and much more.

Our business is located in Findlay, OH. We started in 2013 as a small company producing remanufactured range ammo for our sister company, the Buffalo Trading Company. What started with one hand-loader in a back room has since grown into an industry-leading operation. Our 26,000 square foot facility features a full compliment of automated machinery for sorting, brass processing, priming, loading, polishing, ballistic testing, and quality assurance for our high quality products. We have our own in-house ballistic testing center, a full production staff, a dedicated quality control staff, and highly trained sales associates to assist our customers with their broad range of needs.

Whether you're a shooter, a garage reloader, a commercial loader, a shooting range, or an ammunition retailer, the Buffalo Cartridge Company has something to offer you. Please explore our site and feel free to call us or stop by. We love our country, and we love Americans who exercise their Second Amendment rights. The Buffalo Cartridge Company. God. Guns. Country.